Slammers FC has earned a reputation as one of the best programs in the country at preparing and placing student athletes for some of the best universities — both academically and athletically. See the table below to view our current boys teams and their trainers.

2011U10Slammers FC B11Issac Sierra 714-656-8605
2010U9Slammers FC B10 JLJerry Laterza909-630-1068
2010U9Slammers FC B10 DSDusan Stevamovic
2009U10Slammers FC B09 ISIssac Sierra 714-656-8605
2009U10Slammers FC B09 DMDavid Mwendapole949-423-5264
2008U11Slammers FC B08 BLBrian Lanoye310-413-0887
2007U12Slammers FC B07 JLJerry Laterza909-630-1068
2007U12Slammers FC B07 ISIssac Sierra 714-656-8605
2007U12Slammers FC B07 BLBrian Lanoye310-413-0887
2006U13Slammers FC B06 DMDavid Mwendapole949-423-5264
2005U14Slammers FC B05 ECNLAlex Gimenez714-553-9624
2004U15Slammers FC B04 ECNLAlex Gimenez714-553-9624
2003U16Slammers FC B03 ECNLAlex Gimenez714-553-9624
2003U16Slammers FC B03 DS/ITIvan Todorovic, Dusan Stevamovic562-688-2335
2002U17Slammers FC B02 ECNLMichael Vargas
2002U17Slammers FC B03 ITIvan Todorovic562-688-2335
2001/00U18Slammers FC B01/00 ECNLJerry Laterza 714-656-8605


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