Slammers FC has earned a reputation as one of the best programs in the country at preparing and placing student athletes for some of the best universities — both academically and athletically. See the table below to view our current boys teams and their trainers.

Tryouts are ongoing for all teams. Please contact the coach of your desired team to schedule a session.

2012U8Slammers FC B12 ISIssac Sierra 714-656-8605
2011U9Slammers FC B11 ISIssac Sierra 714-656-8605
2011U9Slammers FC B11 DSDusan Stevamovic
2010U10Slammers FC B10 JLJerry Laterza909-630-1068
2010U10Slammers FC B10 DSDusan Stevamovic
2009U11Slammers FC B09 ISIssac Sierra 714-656-8605
2008U12Slammers FC B08 DMDavid Mwendapole949-423-5264
2007U13Slammers FC ECNL B2007Jerry Laterza909-630-1068
2007U13Slammers FC Reserve B2007David Mwendapole949-423-5264
2006U14Slammers FC ECNL B2006
2006U14Slammers FC B06 DMDavid Mwendapole949-423-5264
2005U15Slammers FC ECNL 2005Alex Gimenez714-553-9624
2004U16Slammers FC ECNL B2004 ECNLAlex Gimenez714-553-9624
2003U17Slammers FC ECNL B2003Alex Gimenez714-553-9624
2002/01U18/19Slammers FC ECNL B2002/01Michael Vargas562-222-9739

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