Slammers FC has established a reputation as one of the best programs in the country at preparing and placing student athletes for some of the best universities — both academically and athletically.

We work hard to ensure a club soccer experience to Southern California youth that is second-to-none.

Our girls program has a long history of competing at the highest levels the local, national, and world stages have to offer. We are passionate about training the young players in Southern California to become better soccer players, and better people for it. The number of young women who have gone from Slammers to the college level is one of the many ways each year we see lives changed.

Our club teams compete in the Southern California Developmental Soccer League, which prioritizes player growth above all else. When players or teams are ready, they compete in advanced leagues like the California Regional League or the Discovery Division of SCDSL. Each girl in our program has the opportunity to be invited to one of our Slammers FC ECNL or LAFC Slammers ECNL teams, which represents the top level of our development pathway.

See the table below to view our current girls teams and their trainers.

2012U8Slammers FC G12 LBLeslie Bryant949-502-1219
2011U9Slammers FC G11 RGRyan Gonzales
2011U9Slammers FC G11 AAAmy Androsko714-299-4258
2010U10Slammers FC G10 LB Leslie Bryant949-502-1219
2010U10Slammers FC G10 PAPete Aguirre, Ryan Gonzales 949-302-2188
2010U10Slammers FC G10 AL Andrew Leick714-234-0980
2009U11Slammers FC G09 PAPete Aguirre 949-302-2188
2009U11Slammers FC G09 TDTamiko Davila 714-720-9039
2009U11Slammers FC G09 LB Leslie Bryant949-502-1219
2009U11Slammers FC G09 ALAndrew Leick714-234-0980
2008U12Pre-LAFC Slammers ECNLPete Aguirre, Andy Winn 949-302-2188,
2008U12Pre-Slammers FC ECNLPete Aguirre, Andy Winn 949-302-2188
2008U12Slammers FC G08 AAAmy Androsko714-299-4258
2008U12Slammers FC G08 WTWalter Tuer949-887-8381
2007U13LAFC Slammers ECNL 2007Pete Aguirre, Craig Bull 949-302-2188
2007U13LAFC Slammers ECNL RL 2007Armando Salazar310-490-0508
2007U13LAFC Slammers ECNL RL 2007Armando Salazar310-490-0508
2007U13Slammers FC ECNL 2007Pete Aguirre, Craig Bull 949-302-2188
2007U13Slammers FC G07 LN Lana Niccole 949-793-1445
2007U13Slammers FC ECNL RL 2007Justin Boatman
2007U13Slammers FC G07 JB Josh Brooks 714-920-0580
2006U14LAFC Slammers ECNL 2006Armando Salazar310-490-0508
2006U14LAFC Slammers ECNL RL 2006Scott Larsen714-465-0538
2006U14Slammers FC ECNL 2006Craig Bull949-295-2834
2006U14Slammers FC ECNL RL 2006Andy Winn951-443-8001
2006U14Slammers FC G06 LNLana Niccole949-793-1445
2005U15LAFC Slammers ECNL 2005Cheyne Gordon714-342-4445
2005U15LAFC Slammers RL ECNL 2005Luis Segovia562-274-1494
2005U15Slammers FC ECNL 2005Tamiko Davila 714-720-9039
2005U15Slammers FC ECNL RL 2005Ramon Reid714-552-0213
2005U15Slammers FC G05 RRRamon Reid714-552-0213
2005U15Slammers FC G05 JBJosh Brooks 714-920-0580
2004U16LAFC Slammers ECNL 2004Walter Camargo949-751-8188
2004U16LAFC Slammers ECNL RL 2004Heath Oberle614-507-9206
2004U16Slammers FC ECNL 2004Walter Camargo949-751-8188
2004U16Slammers FC ECNL RL 2004
2003U17LAFC Slammers ECNL 2003Ziad Khoury714-336-6070
2003U17LAFC Slammers ECNL RL 2003Sean Melendez562-686-3972
2003U17Slammers FC ECNL G03Cheyne Gordon714-342-4445
2003U17Slammers FC ECNL RL 2003Ramon Reid, Raul Avellaneda714-920-0580, 714-609-2371
2003U17Slammers FC G03 RARaul Avellaneda714-609-2371
2002/01U18/19LAFC Slammers ECNL 2002/01Ziad Khoury714-336-6070
2002/01U18/19LAFC Slammers ECNL Composite 2002/01Ada Greenwood
2002/01U18/19Slammers FC ECNL 2002/01Cheyne Gordon714-342-4445
2002/01U18/19Slammers FC ECNL Composite 2002/01Ada Greenwood
2002/01U18/19Slammers FC G02/01 RARaul Avellaneda714-609-2371