Slammers FC has established a reputation as one of the best programs in the country at preparing and placing student athletes for some of the best universities — both academically and athletically. See the table below to view our current girls teams and their trainers.

2019 Tryout Information

Monday, December 2 & Thursday, December 5

5:00 — 2013, 2012, 2011

6:30 — 2009

Tuesday, Dec 3 & Wednesday, December 4

5:00 — 2010

6:30 — 2008; 2007 and 2006 (TVT Lower Field)

Location: TVT Community Day School, Irvine — Upper Field

2012U8Slammers FC G12 LBLeslie Bryant949-502-1219
2011U9Slammers FC G11 RGRyan Gonzales
2011U9Slammers FC G11 AAAmy Androsko714-299-4258
2010U10Slammers FC G10 LB Leslie Bryant949-502-1219
2010U10Slammers FC G10 PAPete Aguirre, Ryan Gonzales 949-302-2188
2010U10Slammers FC G10 AL Andrew Leick714-234-0980
2009U11Slammers FC G09 PAPete Aguirre 949-302-2188
2009U11Slammers FC G09 TDTamiko Davila 714-720-9039
2009U11Slammers FC G09 LB Leslie Bryant949-502-1219
2009U11Slammers FC G09 ALAndrew Leick714-234-0980
2008U12Pre-LAFC Slammers ECNLPete Aguirre, Andy Winn 949-302-2188,
2008U12Pre-Slammers FC ECNLPete Aguirre, Andy Winn 949-302-2188
2008U12Slammers FC G08 AAAmy Androsko714-299-4258
2008U12Slammers FC G08 WTWalter Tuer949-887-8381
2007U13LAFC Slammers ECNL 2007Pete Aguirre, Craig Bull 949-302-2188
2007U13LAFC Slammers ECNL RL 2007Armando Salazar310-490-0508
2007U13LAFC Slammers ECNL RL 2007Armando Salazar310-490-0508
2007U13Slammers FC ECNL 2007Pete Aguirre, Craig Bull 949-302-2188
2007U13Slammers FC G07 LN Lana Niccole 949-793-1445
2007U13Slammers FC ECNL RL 2007Justin Boatman
2007U13Slammers FC G07 JB Josh Brooks 714-920-0580
2006U14LAFC Slammers ECNL 2006Armando Salazar310-490-0508
2006U14LAFC Slammers ECNL RL 2006Scott Larsen714-465-0538
2006U14Slammers FC ECNL 2006Craig Bull949-295-2834
2006U14Slammers FC ECNL RL 2006Andy Winn951-443-8001
2006U14Slammers FC G06 LNLana Niccole949-793-1445
2005U15LAFC Slammers ECNL 2005Cheyne Gordon714-342-4445
2005U15LAFC Slammers RL ECNL 2005Luis Segovia562-274-1494
2005U15Slammers FC ECNL 2005Tamiko Davila 714-720-9039
2005U15Slammers FC ECNL RL 2005Ramon Reid714-552-0213
2005U15Slammers FC G05 RRRamon Reid714-552-0213
2005U15Slammers FC G05 JBJosh Brooks 714-920-0580
2004U16LAFC Slammers ECNL 2004Walter Camargo949-751-8188
2004U16LAFC Slammers ECNL RL 2004Heath Oberle614-507-9206
2004U16Slammers FC ECNL 2004Walter Camargo949-751-8188
2004U16Slammers FC ECNL RL 2004
2003U17LAFC Slammers ECNL 2003Ziad Khoury714-336-6070
2003U17LAFC Slammers ECNL RL 2003Sean Melendez562-686-3972
2003U17Slammers FC ECNL G03Cheyne Gordon714-342-4445
2003U17Slammers FC ECNL RL 2003Ramon Reid, Raul Avellaneda714-920-0580, 714-609-2371
2003U17Slammers FC G03 RARaul Avellaneda714-609-2371
2002/01U18/19LAFC Slammers ECNL 2002/01Ziad Khoury714-336-6070
2002/01U18/19LAFC Slammers ECNL Composite 2002/01Ada Greenwood
2002/01U18/19Slammers FC ECNL 2002/01Cheyne Gordon714-342-4445
2002/01U18/19Slammers FC ECNL Composite 2002/01Ada Greenwood
2002/01U18/19Slammers FC G02/01 RARaul Avellaneda714-609-2371

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