Why Slammers FC?

What am I looking for… as a parent?… as a player?

We find ourselves in a very competitive environment today called club soccer… even more so, Southern California is one of the hot beds for the sport in the US and world. Without question some of the best soccer players in the world come out of this region. What club do you choose?

Needs and Questions

1. Repeat player success at high school and college levels. Success at the national and international levels would be a dream

2. Coaches who teach sound fundamentals of the game, problem solving on the field, teamwork, and how to become a winner through playing and behaving with integrity.

3. Coaches who build character and discipline, while still maintaining the respect of my son or daughter

4. An environment that fosters team, not the individual

5. Essentially… help my young athlete be the best player they can be, and the best person they can be

check, check, check, check, and check

Proven Success

The Slammers continue to be one of the best programs in the country at preparing and placing student athletes in some of the best universities both academically and athletically. This includes DI, DII, DIII, and NAIA levels, and institutions in the the Ivy league, Pac 10, Big Ten, Big 12, ACC, and SEC conferences to name a few. These athletes do more than contribute, they lead.

Not only are these athletes receiving world class educations, and winning NCAA national championships, they are leading their teams at this level… leading them.

The most recent Womens NCAA championships of the last decade had a Slammers FC student athlete significantly contributing to the winning team.

The last US Womens National team have Christen Press (Stanford graduate) while Whitney Engen (North Carolina graduate) anchoring the attack and defense. This is the full side US National team… athletes trained, character built, discipline fostered… with the Slammers.

If you are looking to make a decision, it sure seems obvious


If you’re already here, you know


Still wondering… please take a look below and see what a few athletes have to say about their experiencing walking through these halls we call Slammers FC